What is the Best Ever Summer Camp?

The Best Ever Summer Camp is a virtual summer camp designed to keep children engaged and learning throughout the summer.


It is not an in-person camp and does not provide day care services.

Who is running the Best Ever Summer Camp?

The Best Ever Summer Camp is being run by the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), delivered by Nuclear Promise X (NPX).

Who is the Nuclear Innovation Institute?

NII is a not-for-profit research institute, located on the shores of Lake Huron, in Port Elgin, Ontario. NII’s focus is to accelerate the pace of innovation in the Canadian nuclear industry, embracing new thinking, new technologies and new business opportunities that can drive the shift to a low-carbon future.


As part of its mandate, NII believes students in rural communities like those in Grey, Bruce and Huron counties, should have unsurpassed opportunities for digital learning and technology adoption, notably in science, engineering and math disciplines. Education is a cornerstone of our mandate.


The Best Ever Summer Camp is a part of NII Explore. NII Explore is a collection of educational initiatives dedicated to providing enhanced opportunities for school-aged children in our communities to learn, experiment, discover and create.


With normal summer activities cancelled or in limbo this year, NII has worked with our partners at NPX to design a virtual summer camp that blends online learning with individual outdoor exploration.

Who is Nuclear Promise X?

Nuclear Promise X (NPX) is a start-up company located in Kincardine Ontario. Our team of innovation catalysts work on engineer and technology projects for the nuclear industry. We are also passionate about giving back to the community and providing exciting and meaningful STEM education programs for local students. The team at NPX recently worked with NII to design and deliver the NII Coding Academy.

Who is sponsoring the Best Ever Summer Camp?

The summer camp is sponsored by Bruce Power, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Municipality of South Bruce, and Nuclear Promise X.


Sponsorship helps to fund some of the costs associated with running a 7 – week program including councillors to run programs, costs for experiments and software to run programs, and costs for take-a-ways for campers at the end of the program.



How do I register?

Click on the registration link for the week of your choice and complete an online registration form.


In order to register you must create an account;  you can add multiple children to your account and register each camper for the weeks of your choice.

Registration is limited to three weeks per camper. 

How much does the Best Ever Summer Camp cost?

There is no fee for campers to register in the camp.


Each week, there may be nominal costs associated with the purchasing of household items for experiments.ents.

Who is eligible to register?

The summer camp is open to children aged 7 – 12.


Although our primary geographic target is campers located in Bruce, Grey and Huron region, the program is open to students living anywhere.

Can I register more than one child?

Yes, however, depending on age, they may be assigned to different ‘cabins’ for their afternoon session, engage in different activities and require different log-ins and computers to access their ‘cabin’.

If you prefer to have them in the same cabin, this can be accommodated. 

I registered my child, but have been placed on a waitlist, what’s next?

To maximize the experience of campers, we have limited the number of campers in each cabin. If you are on a waitlist, you will be notified if a spot opens up. 

Please note, that if you are unable to join a cabin, our morning sessions are open to the general public and can be viewed live on this website Monday to Friday at 10AM starting July 13th 2020. 

Can I sign up for more than one week?

Yes, up to a maximum of 3 weeks per camper.


Each week has a different theme and different activities for that week.


You must register each camper separately for each week.  Visit the registration page for more information on each week's theme and to decide which weeks to register for. 


NOTE: Due to long waiting lists, if you are absent for more than 3 days in one week without prior notification, you will be removed from future weeks that you registered for.

I registered my child, but we are no longer able to attend. Do I need to cancel?

Yes, due to long wait lists, we require notification of cancellations to allow other campers to join.


Instructions for cancellation will be provided in your registration package.

I registered for camp, when will I receive information?

On the Wednesday before your camper is scheduled you will receive an email with the following information:

  • Cabin assignment, cabin leaders contact information and camp schedule

  • Materials list of items needed to complete the activities for the week

  • Links to the online meeting rooms



What equipment do I need in order to participate? (devices, operating requirements, software installations etc)


The camp is run as a virtual online program and will require access to a laptop, desktop, tablet or iPAD. Although not preferred, it may also be accessed through a phone.


Internet access is also required.


An email address is required, in order to communicate with parents/ campers.


There is no software required to be installed on computers, all programs are run through a web browser.ser. 



Who is delivering this summer camp?

The camp is being delivered by Nuclear Promise X, under the supervision and direction of Phillip Craig. Phillip has been running camps for over half of his life and loves seeing kids have a great time while learning new things. He has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.


We also have 4 great camp counsellors rounding out our team. Danielle, Virat, Conner, and Luke are all experienced day camp counsellors that will be bringing a ton of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to your child’s camp experience.

What can I expect in a typical week?

Each week will have its own theme which will be explored during our morning sessions from 10 am – 11 am. During these sessions we will be showing some videos, explaining some concepts, and leading an activity for you to do with your child at home. We will also be showcasing the great work done by students during yesterday’s class with submitted photos and videos.


In the afternoon, your child will be placed in a cabin that will meet from 1 pm to 2 pm. or 3 pm to 4 pm. In the cabins, your child will take part in a more interactive session with their counsellors and do some team building activities with the rest of their cabin mates.


Finally, we are so excited about our evening activities. 3 times a week, we will have a special nighttime event. These might be paint nights, an ask me anything with an astronaut or Olympian, a dance lesson, virtual escape room, or a camp wide sing along. This will be fun for the whole family!

What is the time commitment for the camper and parent?

Monday - Friday for a minimum of 2 hours a day is the time commitment for each camper, although more is expected if campers engage in optional activities.


There is an expectation of some time commitment by parents in this program including:

  • Helping kids get logged into the web meeting for morning, afternoon, and evening session

  • Helping kids to set up materials needed for daily activities

  • Monitoring activities


Please note this is not a daycare service. Camp councillors run the online portion of the camp however campers are not under the supervision of the councillors during this time.


Parental supervision is required while children are participating in camp.